Thousands of young women from Russia and Ukraine decide to work abroad. China, as one of the most economically developed countries in the world, is especially attractive for many of them. There are many employment possibilities in the entertainment industry, where the most important criterion is physical beauty. Usually, this kind of work is illegal. To begin this story, I went to China specially and set myself up the job of a “party girl”, or rather “a girl who provides entertainment in the company of alcohol” to use a more direct translation. For short, such establishments are called KTV. Some girls venture to do this simply because they want to make a decent amount of money and go back home. Others – and especially locals – see that as a part-time opportunity. But for some it is full-time job. Often such work involves bodily contact. Depending on the wishes of the client and the consent of the girl, this work can take on a more intimate turn. All photos were taken secretly with a phone.